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BeatIt32 - drum pattern generator

BeatIt32 is a utility which I wrote to use with my Roland MPU-401 and an Mt32 sound module. (It will work with other drum machines). What I have tried to do is to make basic drum patterns easier to set up. (Also it is possible to record them with a sequencer set to External Sync) Whether I have accomplished this is yet to be heard. So to begin with Instructions on how to use BeatIt32. When you start the program ( type BeatIt32 from the Dos prompt ) you will see the main menu and screen. The screen is set us as one measure of 48 divisions. well I wanted to do more but I was forced to divert to 48 because of the 12 timing marks needed to be sent per quarter note. This is confusing and I'm not sure I used this correctly. Anyway, I have included three screens for us to work with. (a,b and c) Great huh?.. So if we wanted to write 64th note patterns we could play every other note for two screens and link them together. For those of you who are familiar with ' Texture ', I have used this concept, but not as well... Here is what we can do.

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