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Jet Col 1.1

JETCOL prints two columns, each up to ninety characters wide, on laser printers in portrait mode. It is intended to greatly reduce the huge volume of paper that results from printing reference manuals and text files. Regular use of this program should cut your paper bill by 60 to 70 percent.

It provides better readability than other compressed print programs because it normally ignores page breaks and eliminates consecutive blank lines (according to your option).By eliminating more unnecessary white space on the page JETCOL can use a larger,more readable, type face while printing the same number of average pages/sheet as other compressed print programs. It is designed to take maximum advantage of laserjet features to further enhance readability. JETCOL will print anywhere from two to ten pages of source material on one side of a sheet of paper. By using its even/odd alternate side print feature four to twenty pages of text can be printed using both sides of a page.

By reducing the volume of paper, JETCOL also reduces storage requirements and the bulk one has to carry around when traveling.

As a side benefit, many JETCOL users actually find it easier and faster to read the compressed versions than the originals because they can take in more words at one time without having to scan across the page.

JETCOL has been tested on several brands and models of laser printers. If you run into difficulty with your model, please let me know and I will try to provide a version that is compatible with your printer.

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