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WHAM 1.33 - Sound editor - many formats

WHAM (Waveform Hold and Modify) is a Windows 3.1 application for manipulating digitised sound. It can read and write Windows 3.1 WAVE files, raw eight-bit digitised sound files and files of several other formats (of which more may be added) and can perform various operations on this sound. WHAM can handle sounds of any size, restricted only by memory.

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Files contained in this archive

  • ctl3d.dll
  • wham.exe
  • wham.hlp
  • wham.txt
  • whamlib.dll
  • wsf_aiff.dll
  • wsf_au.dll
  • wsf_iff.dll
  • wsf_raw.dll
  • wsf_voc.dll
  • wsf_wave.dll